The business activities

The main business of ZANINONI SLOVAKIA, Ltd. is shipping, which means the procurement of transport of goods, and possibly other operations related with the transport, with its own name and on behalf of third party.

ZANINONI SLOVAKIA, Ltd. provides comprehensive forwarding services in the area of securing transport of goods from the place of departure to the place of destination at the agreed time. The activity of the company is focused on the implementation of truck shipments to EU countries and beyond, securement of shipping of goods by rail, the development of transport of goods in containers and cooperation in the implementation of overseas shipments. Our aim is to increase the company's reputation, maintain proper respect and credibility in a competitive, demanding environment of the European Transport Area.

The aim of the promotion and implementation of strategies and business of the company is the satisfaction of customers, employees and long-term prosperity of ZANINONI SLOVAKIA, Ltd., which is confirmed not only by increase of the turnover but also annually getting profits during its entire existence.

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